How do I find prices for printed of embroidered clothing?

Unfortunately manufacturer’s prices for their apparel change all too frequently – often through exchange rate fluctuations or market forces with cotton yield rates.

Here at Smart T’s we are constantly reviewing prices for bespoke branding to be able to offer the best rate possible and remain competitive. So, if you would like Smart T’s to cost your particular project, please contact us by phone, email or via the Contact page. Your enquiry will be answered promptly with our endeavours to meet your budget.

What do I need to tell you to get a price for my order?

This is fairly obvious one. Type of garment is dictated by what you want it for. To keep you warm? To advertise something? To protect your own cloths? etc etc.

This is similar in nature to the garment style question. In this case it us usually related to how many times you intend to use it!

If you are off on a stag or hen weekend, you may only want it to last until the final breakfast and can save a little by accepting a low-quality t-shirt; on the other hand, you may be ‘retailing’ them at an event and need higher grade clothing to be attractive to your customers; you may even need the shirts to wear during the course of your work, so a harder-wearing, polyester-cotton blended Polo or Sweat shirt may be more beneficial – especially if you require higher temperature washing for heavy-soil work environs, which may be better decorated by embroidery. The end-use will help us to determine the right garment and decorating process to best fulfil your requirements – whether that be durability, longevity or comfort (or all three!) See our On-Line catalogue for most of our range here.

Silk-Screen printing, in our opinion is more durable as it will flex with the fabric and is less likely to crack or flake; the downside is, each colour within a logo will require a screen – if the garment is a dark colour, another screen may be required to print a ‘base white’ (or “undercoat”) under the entire image to ensure sufficient opacity of the printed image; the ‘base white’ is a silhouette of the image, so will not show around the design; light coloured shirts, printed with dark colours do not require ‘base white’ screen or print. The upside is, higher print runs become much more economical than “transfers” or “vinyl” print as it is highly mechanised and becomes faster with volume – “transfer” or “vinyl” can only go at one speed (that of the human producing them)

“Transfers” benefit from not requiring screens, so are best for low-volume or printing ‘photographs’.

“Vinyl” is better for ‘personalisation’ (such as ‘names’) or numbers (such as sports tops)

Garment colours may incur additional cost; dark garments need a ‘base white’ (see “silk screen” above), but an order with a mixture of clothing colours may mean the print colour has also to be changed; if you want a combination of, say, White shirts with Black print and Black shirts with White print, this is quite possible to do but there will be a charge to wash-up from one print colour to another – this will apply for each print colour change you specify! That said, if the print colour is constant but the garment colours change, this will not be necessary, although it may require a ‘base white’ for part of the order, which will be costed in for all of the order.

For numbers, in basic terms, the more you order, the cheaper each one will become; there will be the same amount of time to set-up for each job and then break it all down ready for the next one, so it is just the time in between to factor in and then it is all divided by the number of garments ordered to calculate a unit cost. There is a time difference with printing 1 colour to printing multi-colours, of course, and it does take longer to set-up and break down with more screens, so that will be taken into account with the price, too.

With “transfers” this is less of a problem but “vinyl” can depend on the intricacies of the image as all the ‘waste’ needs to be weedled out to leave only the desired image on the sheet, so that can add to cost, too.

Whatever your project, if you can answer our questions, we can answer your needs – we’re only a phone call away!

What have you got to lose? Quotes are FREE and just look at our “guarantee”!

Our satisfaction guarantee!

We are so proud of our Service and the Quality of our products if you are not completely and utterly delighted, for any reason whatsoever, we will offer to replace your order free of charge!  Who else offers that?

Once the ball is rolling…


Our turnaround time is normally 10 working days from receipt of your purchase order, payment and artwork, but we can often meet urgent deadlines. Rush jobs of 7 days or less can be accommodated but may be subject to a surcharge. Changes made to your order after placing could cause delay and may incur further charges.

Supplying artwork for printing:

If you are supplying a design or a logo for use in screen printing, please read the following guidelines on how best to send this to us:

  • We are able to make use of most designs or images that you send us – even a rough sketch! However, if your design requires work by our Designers or Studio Team to make it useable for screenprinting or embroidery, additional artwork charges may apply.
  • For simple image amendments or ‘tidying up’ we will normally perform this free. For complex designs and new creations by our artwork team, our costs are £25 per hour plus VAT. If you are unsure, please send your artwork file in to us for assessment.
  • We are able to use many file formats but our preferences are Illustrator or Photoshop files (ai, eps or pdf). However, if you have a high resolution, good quality jpeg or pdf image this may suffice. Uneditable files with colours embedded will not be suitable for colour separating.

Minimum orders:

Screen printing

For screen printing our minimum order is 10 garments – this is due to the lengthy set-up process and any less than 10 would prove to be disproportionately expensive. Of course, if less than 10 is all you require we would recommend digital or vinyl printing and will be happy to discuss this with you. We have over 10 price breaks on “quantity” and can print up to 8 colours for each logo but we will always advise best options so you can make informed decisions on what suits your budget – in short, please just ask!

Garment options

Don’t forget, you can always browse our On-line catalogue for a large range of the items we can supply, but we will be more than happy to recommend the right garment that is most suitable for you.

Payment Terms

For new customers we operate a pro-forma invoice scheme. Upon receipt of your order we will send out a pro-forma invoice which can be settled by BACS or Cheque. We also accept all major credit/debit cards.

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